Characters of The Great Tree

The Great Tree is filled to the brim with unique and inspired characters. From level enemies and story characters to the environment specific creatures who will test your abilities along your quest. There are over 20 different characters both friend and foe. We would like to introduce you to a few of the characters that make their home within The Great Tree.
The Swee used to collect the pollen that sustained The Great Tree. Recently, they have become entranced and what have taken their place are mindless shadows, lost in a veil of darkness. Freeing the noble Swee will reap you much reward. With reward comes great risk however... The Globulocks hold the "Liberatus Spiral" that is needed to set the Swee free.
While they do seem to simply mosey around, the Globulocks are the sole keepers of the "Liberatus Spiral". The Liberatus Spiral is a powerful spell you will need in order to free the bewitched Swee. The Globulocks do carry a nasty bite so steer clear!

Ebbers are known to move in diagonal directions as to confuse their prey. They are quite small but don't let that fool you. They still pack enough punch to injure you should you be unfortunate enough to run into one.


The Zeebane always fly in groups and use their numbers to fool their prey. Their size is very deceiving as their sting is very powerful. One would be wise to keep their distance from the Zeebane.
Do not let the bright colors of the Bumblemogs lure you into a comfortable place. Their erratic flight path can cause havoc in the blink of an eye. When they fly in larger numbers they can be devastating.

Wall Frogs

While the Ancient Wall is home to many creatures, none of them are quite as sneaky as the Wall Frog. They blend in quite well with their surroundings and wait patiently to attack. Avoid their poisonous tongues if you can.
Wicker Flies
Wicker Flies don't mess around. They are extremely fast, can strike without warning, and carry quite the sting. Their extraordinary strength is also harnessed by the Ixie to grant them flight.

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