The Great Tree Manual - developed by Reflexive Entertainment

Table of Contents:  

   I. Introduction
  II. Gameplay Basics
 III. Ancient Fire
  IV. Swee / Star Points
   V. Player Attributes
  VI. Scoring
 VII. Powerups
VIII. Quick Tips
Minimum System Requirements

OS: windows 98 SE, win XP, win 2000, Vista

P3 1.8 ghz
512 MB of Ram
55 Megs Hard Drive Space
Speakers (recommended)

  I. Introduction
Welcome to The Great Tree. Filled with action, story and light RPG, we hope you enjoy this unique gaming experience.

The Great Tree takes place in a magical land of Fairies called the "Wren". You will be playing the part of one of the chosen few who must at all costs collect pollen and help keep The Great Tree alive. Your journey will be filled with much peril so prepare yourself...

II. Gameplay Basics

The Great Tree's basic gameplay mechanic is fairly simple. Move your mouse around to control your player Fairy and collect the pollen. Once you have collected as much pollen as you would like (or that your fairy can hold), simply deposit the pollen by flying over the "Transient Star". When the Transient Star is full, the level is over, and the Transient Star will return the pollen to The Great Tree.

Let's take a quick look at the screen and go over it in more detail.

1. Health- Displays your current health status.

2. Swee Count- The amount of Swee that still need to be saved on the level.

3. Transient Star - This is what you fly over to drop off your pollen.

4. Pollen- The amount of pollen you are currently have attached to your ponytail.

5. Level Progress- These bars display your progress through the level .

6. Score- Pauses the current game in progress with sound control and game settings. This menu can also be reached by pressing the right mouse button, or the esc key.

7.Score Multiplier- This displays your score multiplier.

8. Menu Button- Pauses the current game in progress with sound control and game settings. This menu can also be reached by pressing the right mouse button, or the esc key.


III. Ancient Fire

The "Ancient Fire" spell was found by the elders in one of the "old" books. Its use has been instrumental in helping the Wren collect pollen for The Great Tree.

The Ancient Fire is active when you have a full ponytail.
(The number of pollen required to fill your ponytail varies based on your strength attribute.)

Once you have your ponytail filled, simply press the LEFT MOUST BUTTON to use the Ancient Fire spell. It will destroy all enemies within a radius of then end of your ponytail. The more strength you have in your attributes, the larger and more dangerous the Ancient Fire Spell is.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not use the Ancient Fire spell, and you deposit your ponytail to the Transient Star, the pollen you deposit is worth double its normal worth! This means you get more points and can finish the level quicker!


IV. The Noble Swee / Star Points

The noble Swee have been entranced by the Ixie! To free them you must take the spiral liberatus spell from the Globulocks and fly over their green spell. Free swee to unlock star points that may be spent to adjust your player attributes.


V. Player Attributes

Your player has attributes which may be adjusted throughout the game by using the Star Points you earn by freeing Swee. There are four attributes you may adjust to change how your game is played.

Agility- Agility controls how fast you can maneuver your Fairy across the screen.

Health- The more health you have, the more damage you can take before you perish.

Strength- Strength determines how much pollen you can carry. The more pollen you can carry, the larger your "full ponytail" deposit is worth as well as your "Ancient Fire Spell".

Magic- Magic controls how often you get powerups when enemies are killed. The more magic you have, the more likely you are to find powerups.

** You can redistribute your Star Points between levels through the "Profile" screen. However, you may not change attributes while you are in the middle of playing a level.

Let's take a quick look at the player Profile screen.

1. Subtract Star Points - Use the minus buttons to subtract Star Points from your Attributes.

2. Add Star Points - Use the plus buttons to add available Star Points to your Attributes.

3. # of available Star Points - How many unallocated Star Points you have to spend.

4. Attribute Description Box - Information about your attributes is shown here.

5. Player Name - This displays your currently selected players name.

6. Unlocked Wings - All of your unlocked wings are here. Simply click on them to change your wings.

7. Wing Description Box - Information about your unlocked wings is shown here.


VI. Scoring

The Great Tree uses "Multipliers" to calculate your score. All enemies and pollen deposits have a scoring value which will be multiplied by your score multiplier. In essence the higher your score multiplier, the more points you get for killing enemies, or depositing pollen.

To increase your score multiplier you must do one of two things:

1. Kill an enemy. Each enemy destroyed adds 1 to your score multiplier.
2. Deposit a full ponytail of pollen WITHOUT using the Ancient Fire Spell.

The score multiplier will max out at 10 and slowly decrease if you don't destroy an enemy or deposit a full chain of pollen.

The score multiplier will drop to 0 if you are hit by an enemy attack.

VII. Poweurps

Mega Pollen-
The Mega Pollen powerup instantly fills your ponytail.
Mystic Attraction-
The Mystic Attraction powerup attracts all of the pollen on the screen towards your player.
Deep Freeze -
Freezes all of the bugs on the screen. You can not be hurt by them. This does not effect the special level creatures such as the Death Toad and Fly Traps.
Heart Powerup -
Adds one pie slice of your health back.
Star Burst -
Creates a spell that shoots out in 8 directions destroying anything in its path.
Lightning Storm -
Destroys all of the bugs on the screen in a great lightning storm! This does not effect the special level creatures such as the Death Toad and Fly Traps.
Aura Shield -
Protects the player with a shield that allows you do destroy enemies.

VIII. Quick Tips

  • Freeing Swee will often leave you a powerup.
  • If you have difficulty with a level, adjusting your attributes can give you the edge you need to win!
  • You are invincible when Enemies are frozen.
  • When your ponytail is full, use the LEFT MOUSE button to unleash your Ancient Fire attack.
  • Depositing a full ponytail is worth 2X as much pollen.
  • When you eliminate an enemy they will usually give you a Powerup.
  • Your Ancient Fire attack size is based on your Strength attribute.
  • Your Magic attribute will make Powerups show up more frequently.
  • After using the Ancient Fire attack, you must deposit your pollen and rebuild your ponytail to receive another Ancient Fire.
  • Your score multiplier will decrease over time unless you deposit a full ponytail or kill an enemy.
  • You can kill enemies when you are protected by the Aura Shield.
  • Watch for enemy groups and use your Ancient Fire at just the right time for maximum damage.
  • The Mystic Attraction powerup will bring all of the pollen on screen to you.
  • You can use the right mouse button OR press the "escape" key to pause the game.


Here are some frequently asked questions about The Great Tree:

Q. Can you have multiple "players" on the same machine?
A. Yes. On the Main Menu simply click on the "if this is not you click here" button to create or change your player.

Q. How do I delete a player I have made?
A. Main Menu simply click on the "if this is not you click here" button. On the "Select Player" screen simply press the red "X" and specify "yes" on the confirmation screen. This is undoable! So make sure you really don't want that player!

Q. The Great Tree seems to run slow on my machine. What can I do?
A. Like all games, The Great Tree's performance can be greatly impaired by running other programs simultaneously. Virus protection software may also affect the game's performance.



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