Story of The Great Tree

The Great Tree's story unfolds throughout the game via in-game cut scenes. We wouldn't want to give away too much of the plot, however we would like to give you a little taste of what the story has to offer.

Below is a brief introduction into the world of The Great Tree.
  In The Beginning...

"We are the people of the forest.  We are known by many names… Sprites, Pixies - some call us faeries.  We've lived in this forest for an eternity; even the elders, including myself, cannot remember any other home."...
  In this forest we live in, there is a "Great Tree", a tree with much magic.  Our lives are tied to this "Great Tree". It is the source.  Without it, we could not exist here.  But this tree requires special care… Everyday the tree must be replenished with pollen from only the most special types of flowers… at least until the “Grand Descent”, when it is prophesized that the roots of the “Great Tree’” plunge themselves deep into the ground where they can finally mature. At this time the tree will be self sustaining and live on it’s own for an eternity more and our peoples future will be assured. 

Until then, this special pollen must be collected and brought back to the tree… but collecting this pollen is filled with much peril.  The flowers attract many creatures that could cause us great harm… even kill us. 

This task of collecting pollen used to belong to the "Swee" - beautiful creatures filled with light.  They possess a special gift that protects them from being harmed by such peril.  It’s a gift we ourselves do not own.  It is written that they were brought here by the "ancients” to do this very task.   But they are not slaves.   As they forage for the sweet nectar of the flowers, they inadvertently collect the vital pollen and carry it back to the Great Tree where they nest.  Once there, the Great Tree breathes in the pollen’s energy and exhales the “life”.  It has worked like this for as long as I can remember.  That is, until now...

Dark times have befallen us.  The "Swee" have been disappearing.  What have taken their place are mindless shadows, lost in a veil of darkness.  They have been bewitched!  And the "Great Tree" is growing weak.  The elders have called out to all of our kin.  There is a need for courage... a need for the bravest of our kind to step forward and shoulder the responsibility of collecting the much-needed pollen.  This dangerous task has fallen on the shoulders of our children.  Barely a thousand years old, they are the ones that must bear this burden for us all. For the time of the “Grand Descent” is coming close and if our people fail to sustain the tree and it fades… so too will our people.

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